Informatie over de IT dienstverlener - Advanced Programs
Advanced Programs focuses on organizations to develop in the way that suits them, in order to be successful. With data solutions and future-proof application functionality, we ensure continuity in business-critical processes. We guide our customers in the Digital Transformation.


Our involvement and customer focus characterize our approach and make us valuable. The core values of Advanced programs are therefore:


  1. Customer-driven: customer-oriented, committed, entrepreneurial.
  2. Team-driven: open attitude with a collective sense of responsibility.
  3. Performance-driven: knowledge based collaboration, experience, trust and pride.


Advanced Programs develops proven and innovative ICT solutions and services to support the business-critical processes of companies. Varying from 24/7 Managed Services support of essential ICT environments, to the realization of projects aimed at data management, application modernization and application development. Characteristic of all our services is that we always focus on delivering business value. We strive for partnership in the relationship with our clients. Being seen as a Trusted Advisor is embedded in our strategy.


The versatile Managed Services portfolio, the origin of Advanced Programs, has led to strong positions in the financial and insurance sector, retail market, production and logistics service providers and companies that focus on the leisure market. In the course of the company’s development, strong data management and application services propositions have been developed, which focus on creating specific business value.

Our vision

Understanding business processes and carefully listening to the needs of our client’s customers is essential. Based on these principles, we co-create IT solutions meeting the requirements.

What makes us special is our focus on knowledge, our involvement and our commitment. Different disciplines work together as a team and reinforce each other. We always make IT work stable and reliable. We make data transparent. Creating an agile, data-driven digital environment is key for our customers to excel.

Our way of working

Advanced Programs is knowledge-driven. For example, we reserve every Friday for deepening and broadening knowledge, team building and development of soft skills. In addition, we have a strong family feeling and a very intensive group dynamic. We are committed and go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. We work from a careful, well-thought-out strategy and are familiar with proven effective methods such as waterfall, scrum & agile, and ITIL. But we are also pragmatic. We like concrete action and are result driven. Central to the collaboration with our clients are concepts such as involvement, trust, appreciation and respect.

Our added value

The value of Advanced Programs for its customers is in the value of our people. Not only in continuously developing hard technical skills, but even more important in building strong values. Resulting into customer engagement, customer focus and the way we collaborate. These values set us apart from our competition.

The results and years of collaboration with customers make us proud and make our work meaningful.

Management Team

The Management Team consists of Ruud Vodegel, Albert Roosenbrand and Erwin Wolters. Together they represent many years of experience in IT.

Their aim is to further develop the organization. Building on the strongly built foundation of Application Development and Managed Services, there will be full attention for the further development of new innovative IT areas.

Ruud Vodegel
Albert Roosenbrand
Erwin Wolters