NextStep Advanced Programs OutSystems

Op 10 oktober 2017 is Advanced Programs aanwezig als Gold Sponsor bij het NextStep evenement van OutSystems. NextStep is het nummer één evenement voor digitale transformatie en low-code ontwikkeling.

Tijdens het evenement waar veel IT, Dev Managers, C-Level Execs, Business Leaders, Developers and Architects naar toe komen wordt het beste rondom het Low-Code platform van OutSystems bij elkaar gebracht.

Samenwerking OutSystems en Advanced Programs

OutSystems en Advanced Programs zijn een bijzondere samenwerking aan gegaan. Advanced Programs heeft voor het ontwikkelen van hybride omgevingen gekozen voor het applicatie ontwikkelplatform van OutSystems, ook IBM heeft hier vertrouwen in. Advanced Programs wil dat bedrijven zich focussen op functionaliteit van applicaties en zich niet laten leiden door de onderliggende hard- en software.

Er zijn nog veel organisaties met legacy maatwerk applicatie omgevingen. De applicaties zijn specifiek gebouwd en/of aangepast voor bedrijfskritische processen en daardoor lastig te vervangen door standaardoplossingen. Behoefte aan modernisatie en toekomstbestendig maken van deze legacy omgeving is vaak wel aanwezig. Onze Application Life Cycle Extension for Legacy aanpak is hier de oplossing voor.




Onze relaties worden VIP gasten

Het NextStep evenement is al helemaal uitverkocht. Wij willen onze relaties de kans geven om ons te ontmoeten op de beurs en onze lezing te volgen. Daarom mogen wij onze (nieuws) relaties VIP-kaarten aanbieden.

Agenda NextStep

Hieronder een paar agenda items die u op 10 oktober kunt verwachten. Bent u benieuwd naar de hele agenda? Bekijk die op de site van OutSystems.

Creating a Culture of Digital Innovation with Low-Code

A company with a 25 year history, Advanced Programs has seen more than a few IT fads come and go. But one constant remains – companies continue to rely on their AS400 systems to run the business. In order to modernize these applications and create systems of innovation, Advanced Programs recognized that low-code offers an interesting path forward. A long time business partner of IBM, join both Advanced Programs and IBM on stage and learn how forward-thinking organizations can evolve their core systems and benefit from the innovation that low-code delivers.

New Digital Revenue Streams

As organizations get their front and back-office in order, improved visibility across customers and partners often presents opportunities for new value-added services. What business opportunities might be hidden in your systems? Hear from customers capitalizing on new revenue streams as they progress along their digital path.

Setting up the Low-Code Digital Factory

Establishing a low-code digital factory can increase the efficiency and agility of your digital workforce. One of the most important steps in setting up your low-code digital factory is defining standards for architecture and user experience. Learn from our experts how to create live style guides with OutSystems, and how this positively impacts time to value and the consistency of the user experience.

Build an App in 2 Hours

You’re busy. We get it. Learning a new technology takes time and dedication. In this two-hour session, we’ll help you build your first OutSystems app. Not only that, but you’ll leave with a complete understanding of the tools, docs and training available so you can continue your learning when you go back to the office. Best of all, you’ll take an app with you to prove it.

Advanced Programs Next Step OutSystemsBuilding the Right Digital Experience for your Customers

The days where IT was measured by how many features they could deliver are long gone, replaced by an ever-increasing pressure to wow customers with the best digital experience… across all touchpoints. Hear how leading organizations have restructured to disrupt the status quo, injected low-code into their processes, and created true alignment with the customer’s needs.

Architecture: Looking to the Low-Code Future

Approaches to software architecture are constantly evolving, each with their pros and cons. Like many other things they are subject to the test of time and the hype of the moment. From n-tiered to SOA, each set out to address emerging problems: separation of concerns, reusability, quality, … Have you heard about cloud native architecture and microservices? Join our experts and learn more about how they fit with OutSystems and low-code.

Ensuring Quality Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Building great user experiences is about more than interaction and performance. If the app doesn’t do what’s expected, users will simply stop using it. As apps mature from experimental prototypes to mission critical and highly scalable, ensuring continuous quality becomes an essential part of delivery. But the number of tests, even for a small application, can rapidly become unmanageable, and running them has a cost. Learn from our experts and partners how to define the best test strategy for your mobile apps.