Recently Tableau launched the newest version of their software: Tableau 2018.1. In this news item we will briefly cover our favourite new features and improvements, for more detailed information visit:

We want to kick-off with one of our absolute most-liked: the possibility to make dual axis with geographical mapping. This makes it possible to plot different sources of information in one map. Making the potential with of geographical data so much more endless! Tableau also invested in discrete data analysis, by adding the possibility of jump and step lines. In the image below you see an example of average profit per order for each month over the past years in a stepwise function.

As many of you may know, Tableau highly appreciates the contributions of the active Tableau community, resulting in various interesting software improvements. To add a suggestion or vote click here. In this new version, improvement efforts were focussed on adding the hierarchy in filters, making filtering easier for the end user. Furthermore, they made clustering more dynamic, improved viz in tooltip, added analytical object guidance, added a direct connection to SQL spatial data and much more.

Do you want some more information? or you looking for more guidance in Tableau? Feel free to drop us a line at: